Review of Weller WES51 Soldering Iron Kit

A soldering iron is widely used by people for a variety of works such as electronic board work, joining metals, rework, repairs and many other numerous applications. However choosing a RIGHT soldering iron is crucial based on nature of the job you are predominantly working upon.Check out our home page in which we have laid out about the things to look for while choosing a good soldering gun or iron.

In today’s review, we have picked up one of most popular model Weller WES51 – Soldering Iron(Kit/Station) from Weller and let’s see in detail why people LOVE this model so much.

Weller is a Germany-based power tool company which is well known for its quality products in industrial tools.

WESS51-Soldering-Gun-KitWES51 soldering iron station from Weller is sturdy, advanced and impresses you straight away with its looks and features.

Very well suited for use in industrial and production environments, this soldering station, has a firm gripped soldering pencil and came along with the stand, sponge and power unit.

This soldering iron produces a  power output of 50 watts and operates with 120 Volts of input. What makes this unit really useful is its perfect blend of basic and advanced features.

Temperature can be controlled electronically on this device from 350 to 850 Fahrenheit. This particular feature is very important for achieving best soldering results especially while soldering electronic parts. A slight overheat action may damage the tiny circuits over a PCB. Weller does a great job by offering an unique feature called “wireless temperature knockout” which prevents the user from increasing the temperature beyond recommended values for a given board or component.

Coming to the design part, this soldering iron is firm in hands and comfortable to hold since it has a light weight handle made by high-impact ESD (electro-static discharge) plastic.

Due to its innovative features when it comes to heat controls and safety, Weller WES51 is extremely popular among buyers.

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Quick Specs

Wattage  50 Watts
Voltage  120 Volts
Adjustable Controls
Temperature Control, automatic shutdown feature
Weight 4 Pounds
Product Dimensions  11.4 x 8.8 x 4.2 inches
Type  Analogue
Our Rating 4.7 stars out of 5 stars

>> Check user reviews, price and rating on Amazon <<

Your Turn

Hope you enjoyed this review of an advanced soldering iron from Weller. Are you using any other soldering gun or iron currently or a first time buyer? Do take a look at detailed specifications and WES51 can a great buy considering its design and safety features which are of high standards. Protection Status