Best Butane Soldering Iron Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

Over the last couple of years, the number of soldering torches has gone up in the market. With that many options to consider, it’s seemingly hard for buyers to reach to a final decision on the best soldering torch that they should get themselves.

This is why we are going to give you adequately detailed reviews of the best butane soldering irons that will be perfect for you.

Note that we will be using words soldering iron and torches interchangeably in this article. To this article, both words essentially mean the same thing

How were These Products were Shortlisted?

These butane soldering irons (also called as torches) are the premium picks by our team after taking into account of most of the requirements in not just soldering but also plumbing, culinary and brazing among other activities. These torches were shortlisted also based on the safety standard they adhere to so that they are safe in the hands of the users.

We also considered the portability factor of these torches so that they have reasonable weights, and they remain portable. Optimum weight of the products of such kind helps in performing the tasks with much better precision since the user will be able to lift and handle them comfortably.

So here are the five best butane gas soldering irons.

1. ProTorch Micro Butane Iron/Torch

This multi – usable tool is made of a premium quality material. The material is partly metal in some places while on other handling parts the torch is covered with some rubber.

From these materials, you can, therefore, be ProTorch Micro Butane Soldering Torchguaranteed that this torch will be able to serve you for years before it can start showing signs of breaking down.

The ProTorch Micro Butane Torch is perfect for performing jewelry making, soldering, kitchen & culinary uses, BBQ, DIY and brazing among other functions.

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Key Features

  • The handle features a diamond grip that has been covered with rubber. The rubber helps to ensure that you can hold the torch safely when using it
  • The torch has a self – ignition feature that comes in very handy in ensuring that you can start it up quickly
  • The ceramic tip of this torch is of high quality with a precision flame of 2450F. You will, therefore, be able to burn the specific areas you want without messing the surrounding part


  • Easy to control and use
  • Highly accurate
  • Durable ceramic tip


It’s a bit expensive

2. Dremel 2000 – 01 Butane Soldering Torch

The Dremel Versa Tip soldering torch arguably the best torch for users who are looking for easy – to – handle Dremel Butane Soldering Torchtorches for wood burning, shrinking and heating purposes. It then means that this particular soldering torch can perform quite a good number of operations.

Therefore, after buying this one soldering iron, you will be able to enjoy several different services from it.

Key Features

  • The ignition trigger of this soldering torch is well integrated. This integrated ignition has helped to make the torch easier and much safer to use since you will not need any independent tool to ignite the torch.
  • The torch has variable temperatures which assist in ensuring that you can control the torch. This feature is very useful since it allows monitoring of the amount of temperature in use so that you do not over or under heat.
  • The kit of this torch comes with various accessories that assist in the cutting, soldering, shrinking and area heating functions.
  • The making material of this material is of high quality to ensure that the torch can serve you for a good period.
  • The torch also has a lock – on feature which helps to simplify operations on big projects

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  • The tool is easy to use
  • This torch is easy to light and easy to handle
  • The torch is durable


Its gas runs out quickly

3. Master Appliance MT – 70 Palm Sized Triggertorch

The Master Appliance MT micro torch is butane powered that can be used to conduct various operations. Some of Master Appliance Butane Torchthe operations that this particular torch can include melting of plastic, shrinking tubes, igniting materials, soldering and desoldering and heating of numerous parts.

Key Features

  • The torch has an adjustable wheel which assists in regulating the amount of gas being used
  • The torch when on a full tank will be able to run for 60 straight minutes before you will then be forced to refill it
  • The torch has a plastic tank which is easily refillable
  • Master Appliance MT has a self – igniting button for easy and safe ignition

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  • The micro torch is cheap
  • Offers a firm grip for easy handling
  • Easy to start up


The plastic tank is not that durable

4. Euro TOOL, SOL – 302.00

This particular torch has an enormous nozzle that makes it ideal for performing functions such as making jewelry, brazing, soldering, heating parts, performing filigree, etc. The torch records an excellent performance rating especially Euro Tool Butane Torchin extended operations where you can set the torch perfectly, and it will be able to continue heating up even without you having to hold it!

Key Features

  • The flame of this torch is adjustable thanks to a small button. You will, therefore, be able to regulate the flame depending on the amount that you require.
  • The torch has a safety lock that assists in ensuring that as a user you are safe from any possible accidents that could be caused by the flame.
  • The Euro Tool torch also has an electronic ignition which you can easily press to start up the flame.
  • The ergonomic designing of this torch not only makes it attractive but also allows for safe handling

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  • Very durable
  • Easy to refill


It is not easy to handle or hold and has a learning curve to get a good grip on it

5. Bernzomatic – Micro Pencil Torch

This is arguably the lightest and most portable butane torch out there in the market right now. If you have been looking for a torch that will allow you to do some very accurate work, then this pencil torch is for you. With Bernzomatic Micro Pencil TorchBernzomatic pencil torch you will be able to hold it close to the object and perform your operations precisely with a great degree of perfection.

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Key Features

  • The torch has a control knob with which you can easily adjust the flame. These adjustments will allow you to be able to use the right amount of flame on the right job hence making your work perfect.
  • The needlepoint of this torch is very sharp to ensure you can perform operations with lots of precision.
  • Its flame is also very precise allowing you to conduct detailed duties cleanly


  • Highly portable
  • It’s easy to refill
  • Provides perfect handling
  • Has a very accurate flame


Its gas runs out quickly

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From the above review, you can now see why those are the best butane solder irons. Select any of them according to the kind of operations you are going to perform and we can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. Protection Status