Soldering is a skill that is mastered with learning and experience and we at Best Soldering Gun, aim to educate our readers with genuine and usable information.

We also like to share few highly useful resources that have quality information about soldering and power tools. I am sure these links would benefit you.

Do check these out.


iFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things. The site has extensive information about fixing/repairing any kind of device out there. Don’t forget to checkout their guides and answers section.

In fact, we totally loved their slogan.

Let’s fix the world, one device at a time. 

Instructables is another vast resource on learning anything, step by step.There are DIY projects, guides and much more. There is good amount of information about soldering guns as well

Circuit Specialists

Circuit Specialists is a 40 year old company selling electronic equipment and accessories. You will find high quality articles about various electronic components and soldering tools on their website. A not to be missed resource for sure.


Radioshack is one of the leading retailer of technology products and it has 4700+ stores in US and Mexico. This website qualifies to be one of the greatest resource on how-to-guides.