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What is the Best Soldering Gun?

Are you looking for a Soldering gun which offers great value for money? Are you confused with so many options and unable to decide which solder gun to choose? How about a place where you can learn everything about soldering tools, accessories and learn about the best deals?

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This website is dedicated in providing you quality information about choosing a good solder gun that is long lasting and suits your needs and budget.

On this website, though we predominantly focus on solder gun, we also write reviews about soldering irons and stations since they belong to same family of power tools.

There are varieties of soldering guns are available online of various brands.  However, choosing a RIGHT soldering gun can be tricky. That’s where this website is designed to help you.

We have created a comparison chart of top rated soldering guns and soldering irons to help you in your search for the best soldering iron/gun.

There are 7 Columns in this chart.

  • Name of the model – Click on the image to see more detail or buy
  • Wattage – This is the power output of the soldering iron/gun
  • Voltage Requirement – Voltage required to run the solder iron/gun
  • Adjustable Controls – Whether the solder gun kit has control for adjusting the temperature
  • Weight  – How much the soldering iron weighs
  • Price – Price of the soldering iron on Amazon
  • Rating –Average customer rating on Amazon

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What is a soldering gun?

It is a pistol shaped power tool used for soldering (joining surfaces such as metals, circuit board parts etc.). A soldering gun belongs to family of soldering tools (iron, pencil, torch and soldering station). It finds place in most of the heavy duty applications that require soldering.

Unlike soldering irons which are usually have less power, solder gun usually has more wattage and hence transfer more power. Wattage of a solder gun is around 150-400 watts.

Where is Soldering Gun Used?

A soldering gun finds its place in various areas ranging from as a soldering tool for wires, industrial applications , electrical applications and help a skilled technician in doing a solder.

Soldering Gun or Soldering Iron?

Xtronics-Soldering-IronOne of the common questions people usually have is whether they should go for a solder gun or a soldering iron?

While both the tools are used for soldering, what differentiates them is the wattage and shape of the device. Soldering irons are typically small in size (they are also called as pencils) and have wattage between 15 watts – 100 watts.

On the other hand, soldering guns are primarily used for heavy duty applications such as assembling a stained glass or making electrical connections. They have more power generally wattage being in the range of 110 watts- 500 watts.


Soldering Pencil

Common practice here is, in case where soldering of delicate components is needed and the area to be soldered is small, one should go for soldering iron and for large jobs, prefer solder guns.

 How to Choose a Best Soldering Iron or Gun?

Both solder gun and iron serves the same purpose of joining metals or other surfaces. What differentiates them is the power they transfer and the temperature they operate at. Solder guns have more wattage and power and used for medium to heavy duty applications, whereas soldering irons are typically used in delicate jobs such as soldering a PCB and other electronic components such as a diode or resistor.

Choosing a good soldering iron (gun) depends upon your needs and various other factors that we are going to share with you now.

What is your purpose?

Let us start with most important aspect to consider while choosing a solder gun.

What is your purpose for buying a solder gun or iron? Are you going to use it for a hobby project or you are a skilled professional who wants a soldering gun with high end features?

Since soldering iron is one of the important members of power tools, it is used in various applications. Hence depending upon your purpose, you need to select a soldering iron or gun.

For example, if you want a solder gun/iron for hobby projects then you don’t need a device with high end features. It would be enough if you buy one with basic wattage and couple of other features.

Whereas, if you are looking for a solder gun that can support large jobs such a joining metals or using in industrial applications, then you might require an advanced soldering gun or a soldering kit.

We will discuss in our blog area about what is a soldering iron kit and soldering station in detail.

Wattage of soldering gun

How much wattage solder gun you needs will depend upon your purpose for using the solder gun. If you are looking for a soldering iron for hobby projects or electronic purposes, then you can go for lower wattage soldering iron. Wattage of soldering iron begins typically starting from 30 watts, it can go up to 240 watts. A solder gun usually has more wattage than soldering iron.

Adjustable controls

This feature is applicable for soldering stations, not for solder gun alone. You need to see whether the soldering iron kit has adjustable controls within it. When we say adjustable control, what it means is you can control the temperature of the soldering gun through knobs or buttons provided in the solder station unit. You can also see what is the temperature of the iron while you are on the job.

Solid quality

Soldering irons and guns are used extensively and are subjected to physical exposure under tough situations. Hence, you should buy a piece which is tough, sturdy and good in quality.

Build quality of your soldering gun , cord and accessories should be good. You should not be running around for replacing its part just after months you bought the device. So, buy a model which is long lasting.

Support for multiple tips

Your soldering iron should be able to support multiple tips, because size and sharpness of the tip decides how much temperature has to be passed to the soldered object. Having options to attach different sized tips gives you flexibility of using your solder iron in various situations and achieve a optimum soldering effect.

Of course, a great soldering quality improves with your experience with soldering process.

Corded or Cordless

Now-a-days,soldering irons can run on battery as well compared to conventional AC power source. Portable soldering irons useful in applications such as electronics kits.

If  you are frequently traveling and need a handy soldering gun that is independent of AC power source, then cordless types can be helpful. Cordless solder guns have advantages of being portable and are less distracting while working on the job. They are bit heavier since they use batteries to power (usually 4 batteries).

However, they are suitable for smaller jobs such as electronic kits or hobby projects.For larger jobs, corded ones are preferred.

People do have combination of corded/cordless solder guns to help themselves in varying situations.

Your Turn

Since now you have information about soldering guns and irons and the best rated models, take your time to go through their links and read detailed specifications and pick up the one which is best suited for your needs.