Top 5 Soldering Gun Kits That Are Durable and of High Quality

A soldering gun needs to chosen very carefully since it’s going to be your companion for years, being an important part of your toolkit.

Regardless of what is the purpose of using the soldering gun, you always need to make sure that it is of high quality, durable and meets your temperature needs.

To make your search a bit easier, we have shortlisted , some great soldering gun kits to help you in getting the right tool for your soldering needs.

Top 5 Soldering Gun Kits

1. Weller D550PK Professional Soldering Gun Kit

welller1Wattage : Dual wattage (200 or 260 watts)

Weller D550PK is a professional soldering gun that has good grip and comes with dual heat feature (200 watts or 260 watts). Read our review of Weller D550PK

Some features

  • Dual-heat gun produces 260 or 200 watts
  • Pistol grip design
  • Heavy gauge, high efficiency, tin-plated copper tip
  • Twin lights illuminate work
  • 7-year limited warranty

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2. Weller WEL8200PK Universal Soldering Gun Kit

Wattage: Dual wattage (100 watts or 140 watts)

Weller-8200PK-Soldering-Kit-300x265We have another good soldering gun kit here in the form of WEL8200 Universal Soldering Gun Kit. Read our review here.

WEL8200 is very similar to Weller D550PK ,except that this one produces less temperature than that of Weller D550PK.

WEL8200 PK produces dual temperatures (100 watts or 140 watts) with just push of the trigger and heats up very quickly. Its pistol shaped design provides you good grip over the tool and you get a great solder with good precision.

Note that, WEL8200 PK comes with many accessories along with, such as 1 soldering tip, 1 smoothing tip, 1 cutting tip, a coil of lead free solder, operating instructions.

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3. Weller D650PK Industrial Soldering Gun Kit

soldering-gun-kit-282x300Wattage: 300 watts and 200 watts

This heavy duty soldering gun is an excellent choice for using in industrial applications. It produces very high temperatures such as 300 watts and 200 watts (dual heat gun).

Features at a glance

  • Kit contains D650 soldering iron with one soldering tip and a coil of lead free solder.
  • Nickel plated tip, 2 wire heavy duty grounded cord.
  • Nickel-plated copper secondary, heat resistant thermoplastic housing.

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4. Low Cost Soldering Gun Kit


Wattage:100 Watts

This low cost soldering gun kit,suitable mostly for starters, considering that it heats up to 100 watts and not more than that.

Having said that, the soldering gun is very affordable and comes with few added tools such as ,2 Extra Cutters Container of Flux Tube of Solder/Wire , Blow mold carry case.

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 5. Powerbuilt 940171 Soldering Gun Kit

Powerbuilt-Soldering-Gun-KitWattage: 100 Watts

We have another good quality soldering gun that comes with affordable pricing.

Here are the features of this soldering gun kit

  • Pistol-style 100W soldering gun offers power, comfort and control
  • Soldering gun includes lighted power indicator
  • Kit includes extra gun tip, solder wire and solder paste

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