Types of Solder Guns and Soldering Irons

Without any doubt, a solder gun is an integral part of electric power tools, used for joining metals , glasses and wires. There are various types of soldering gun or irons are available.

In this article, we are going to share details about different types of soldering irons and their areas of usage.

Soldering Iron

Let’s begin with the most basic soldering tool, a soldering iron. Usually soldering irons are used for joining small parts such as soldering a diode or a resistor in a PCB. Wattage of a soldering iron varies between 15 Watts – 100 Watts. Soldering irons are very popular since they find their place in various areas and are easy to use. Along with soldering iron, user needs various other accessories to create an effective solder joint.

Soldering Gun

A soldering gun achieves the same purpose of joining two or more metals, however it operates on large areas. Most of the heavy duty soldering projects require a soldering gun because of its high wattage (high temperature as well). A soldering gun has a different design when compared to soldering iron, it resembles a shape of pistol with a trigger to enable and disable the heat transfer. Soldering guns have the property of rapid cooling when compared to soldering irons.

Soldering Torch

A soldering torch uses acetylene or propane gas to produce heat flame in short bursts. Jewelers use a soldering torch to melt metals such as gold,silver and copper. However soldering torches do need safety instructions to be followed during the use such as wearing flame-retardant clothing and glasses.

Soldering Stations

Soldering stations are rapidly becoming popular among people because of the fact they come along with a solder stand, temperature control features , cleaning sponge etc. A Soldering station such as WESD51 from Weller has temperature control features and one of the best rated soldering stations out there.

Soldering Gun Kits



Similar to soldering stations, a solder gun kit assembles a solder gun and related accessories at one place forming the name soldering gun kit. You can see in the figure (on the left), this soldering gun kit from Weller has a soldering gun, 3 tips, flux brush, and a blow molded case.

Analogue and Digital Soldering Irons

Digital soldering stations come with additional feature of displaying tip temperature and allow user to set the required temperature. Analogue soldering does have temperature control features, but lack a digital display. Both type of soldering stations are widely used by people.

Your Turn

Hope now you have information about various types of soldering iron and guns. If you are looking for tips for buying a suitable soldering gun or iron, don’t forget to read our soldering gun buying guide.

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