Soldering Iron and Its Accessories – Detailed Guide

If you are a professional soldering technician, you already know very well about the ecosystem of soldering process. You don’t just need a soldering iron and flux to achieve a result of high precision , but you would need bunch of other tools and accessories.

This is what we are going to cover in this post. This post would be particularly beneficial to you if you are new to soldering job or wanted to know about various accessories which are used while doing a solder.

We will explain explain various parts of a soldering station and what are other important accessories that are required to be employed while soldering.

Let’s begin with a picture of soldering station itself.

Soldering Station

In the below picture of a soldering station, you can notice various parts of it and they are self explanatory.


Soldering Iron

Next important tool is the soldering iron itself. Note the supporting tool you would need for achieving a high quality solder. Because any slightest error in soldering can damage the components being soldered. Support tool ensures that precision of join is achieved.


Solder Wire Reel

Lead1Solder wire reel helps you to accomplish your soldering work with corrosion free results.  Make sure that you buy a wire of appropriate gauge, else you would end up disappointing yourself with mediocre results.

Solder Flux


Solder flux is used for cleaning the objects being soldered. There are various brands available in the market which supply solder flux. One of such popular brand is Rectorseal 74026 3-Ounce C-Flux

Soldering Gun Tip Cleaner


Again, a clean soldering gun tip ensures that an accurate join has been achieved while soldering. Tip cleaner helps the soldering gun tip to remain clean after repeated solder jobs.

Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass


In jobs such as soldering small components , especially in electronics area (PCBs), it’s not enough to rely upon what you see with naked eyes. You would need to see the magnified view of components being soldered to achieve a high degree of accuracy of soldering.

This is where tools such a magnifying glasses help you. These are inexpensive , yet very handy when it comes to assisting you to perform a solder effectively.

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Solder Sucker- desoldering pump


De-soldering pump plays vital role in removing the existing solder. You need to apply heat to the soldered area and use this pump to suck out the soldered material. Latest desoldering pumps are extremely easy to use and are very handy.

The desoldering pump featured here in the image has self cleaning property.

Desoldering Wick

DeSoldering-WickA desoldering wick is nothing but a copper wire that helps to desolder a joint effectively by acting as a support tool.

Cutter and other tools

cutter1Like any other mechanical jobs, you would need tools such as a cutter of varying sizes during your soldering process. There are many kinds of cutters available online. You can either choose an individual cutter (like the one in picture) or a set of cutters on amazon.

Your Turn

As you can see, there are variety of tools needed for achieving a great quality soldering job. Most of these tools and accessories are inexpensive and wide range of selection is available for you to choose from. Protection Status