Review of Weller WEL8200 PK Universal Soldering Gun Kit

Weller is a Germany-based company which is a leading brand in power tools a well-recognized name in soldering irons and guns. Soldering irons and guns manufactured by Weller are very popular and widely used in various applications, be it for industrial needs or in personal hobby DIY projects.

A soldering gun kit is a combination of a soldering gun and other accessories used for heavy duty soldering projects such as soldering jobs in industrial applications or soldering long wires.

In this article, we are going to review one of the popular soldering gun kits – Weller 8200 (WEL PK) Universal Soldering Gun Kit.

To start with, this soldering kit contains one soldering gun (along with 1 Tip), smoothing and cutting tips, lead-free solder (coil), molded case and the general operating instructions. You can see in the figure (left), the soldering gun looks like a pistol with a trigger provided for applying heat.

welller1The soldering gun is a dual heat gun which means it can produce two variants of heat when in operation. It can produce heat of either 100 watts or 140 watts. This means the user can use this soldering gun according to his needs and can apply different heat depending upon the objects to be soldered.

The design of the soldering gun is quite sturdy and offers good grip to the user while he is on the job. The fingertip trigger can be toggled for switching between high temperature and low temperature which is of great convenience to the operator.

You can use this soldering gun for multiple purposes such as in electrical works, electronic circuits, any repair work, etc. This may not be very much suitable for soldering small electronic components in an electronic board since the wattage of Weller 8200PK is over 100 watts, and it can cause damage to the delicate parts of a PCB. A soldering iron is more preferred over a soldering gun if your purpose of buying a soldering tool is for using it in electronic applications.

5We liked the responsiveness of this soldering gun as it heats up rapidly (just in 6 seconds) and also cools down quickly.

Weller 8200PK has been quite popular because of its dual heat-producing feature, making it a universal soldering tool for varying needs.

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Quick Specs of Weller 8200 (WEL PK)

Wattage  100 Watts and 140 Watts
Voltage  120 Volts
Adjustable Controls
Has fingertip control for switching between high and low temperatures
Weight 3.4 Pounds
Product Dimensions  9 x 6 x 2 inches
Type  Analogue
Our Rating 4.1 stars out of 5 stars

See full user reviews, price and rating on Amazon

Your Turn

We hope that the above review of WEL8200PK Soldering kit was useful to you. If you are looking for a soldering gun for multiple purposes, then WEL8200 surely is a great choice, however for soldering smaller components you may not need soldering tool with such high wattage. You can get a 30 Watt soldering gun which does the job for you.

If you are not sure if this is the soldering gun you are looking for, visit our soldering gun comparison chart page to see a side by side comparison of features of best rated soldering guns and irons. Protection Status