Review of Hakko Digital Soldering Station FX-888D

Hakko Corporation is a Japanese company specializing in electro-mechanical tools and its tools related to soldering solutions are extremely popular.

Soldering irons are integral part of our lives, this is especially relevant to technicians who work on jobs like radio assembly and repairs, sheet metal work , PCB soldering. Soldering gun also finds its place in numerous areas including college labs , training centers and many others.

It takes bit of experience and knowledge to choose a RIGHT soldering gun or iron. However , we are making that process simple with our reviews of handpicked soldering stations which are not only popular but can fit your needs exactly.

One of such best rated soldering stations is Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station by Hakko Corporation.


Hakko FX-888D sports a slim and compact design which is evident in both base unit and the soldering gun itself.

Being a digital soldering station, it has provision of adjusting the temperature according to the job being handled.

This soldering station comes with 70 Watts of power and operates at 120 Volts. The soldering gun is known for its rapid heating up property and one can perform his soldering jobs with much ease and can have full control over the temperature being transferred to the object being soldered.

Apart from its high quality performance, what impressed us is its compact design and the brass wool provided on the handle which results in better grip while doing soldering. You also get solder iron stand and cleaning sponge along with the purchase.

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See user reviews, price and rating of Hakko FX888D on Amazon

Quick Specs

Wattage  70 Watts
Voltage  120 Volts
Adjustable Controls
Digital Temperature Control, Low temperature warning
Weight 2.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 7 x 9.5 inches
Type  Digital
Our Rating 4.9 stars out of 5 stars

See user reviews, price and rating of Hakko FX888D on Amazon

Your Turn

Hope you found this review useful. Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to rapid heating time and light weight design. In fact you would find this soldering station very suitable for electronics jobs and wherever high degree of precision is needed. Protection Status