Aoyue 937 Plus Digital Soldering Station – Tough Opponent For Weller and Hakko

While Weller and Hakko lead the way in soldering irons and stations, you would be pleasantly surprised to see that Aoyue is a soldering station which is becoming popular, especially among people who need an ESD safe soldering iron for RC work , circuits boards, wires and various electronic jobs.

That’s why we decided to review one of the best rated soldering station coming from Aoyue’s production line – Aoyue 937 + Digital Soldering Station.

About Aoyue

Aoyue Tongyi Electronics is a 10 year old Chinese company, producing electronics tools for the communication industry. They have diverse range of products such as Repairing Systems, SMD Rework Stations, Soldering Irons, Reflow Ovens, and other electronics tools designed specifically to meet the demands of both consumer and industrial applications.

Aouye Soldering Station

Aoyue-Soldering-Station1Aoyue 937+ is a digital soldering station. Which means you can see the temperature readings on the display panel on the base station.

This soldering station comes with a stand (with cleaning sponge) for resting the soldering iron/pencil. With wattage of 45 watts, this soldering station has enough power to achieve a great solder jobs when used  in various soldering works.

Soldering iron/pencil has a nice grip and slim design, making it ideal for holding for long hours during delicate solder works.

Here are some features of Aoyue 937+ Soldering Station

  • New Improved Iron and New configurable iron holder that fit perfectly together as of 4/15/12
  • Long Life Ceramic heat Element
  • Digital thermostat control ± 1° C
  • 24 volt output to prevent circuit damage
  • 45 watt Power consumption
  • Temperature range 200-480° C (392-897° F)

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Quick Specs of Aouye Digital Soldering Station

Wattage  45 Watts
Voltage  120 Volts
Adjustable Controls
Thermostat control available
Weight 5.3 Pounds
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches
Type  Digital
Our Rating 4.3 stars out of 5 stars

See Full User Reviews, Price and Ratings of Aoyue Soldering Station on Amazon

Your Turn

While Weller and Hakko have carved themselves a niche in soldering iron and kits, Aoyue doesn’t disappoint us at all. With its affordable pricing and suitability for variety of soldering works such as radio works, circuit boards and heavy gauge wires, Aoyue 937 Plus is a pleasant choice 🙂 Protection Status